Sunday, April 7, 2013

Phuket Day 5

Hey guys ! Still waiting? Patiently? Hahaha... Okay ! I'll continue with my 5th day in Phuket ! Well, we visited James Bond Island on our 5th day !

I'm ready for James Bond ! ;b

Our transport ! And the driver ! ;)

Well, quite a nice ride I must say !

We went with this group !

We are here ! Do you know what the sign means? Because I don't know.. Can anybody read Thai here? ;) can you please translate that? Thank you ! Hikhik

My man is ready to 007 ! ;b

This is our cruise ! Niceeee... ;))

Some bites !

Our Captain !

Why you have to look at my camera bro? I'm not taking picture with you ! LOL

Really?? Everybody like to look at my camera? You think I want to take your picture? Well, you thought wrong ! LOL

Darling, we are going to the island for God's sake, and you're wearing something like we're in winter right now.. I can't believe this.. LOL.. I think you're confused ! Hahaha..

Wow ! Who dare to ride this boat? Errr.. Canoe ! Quite scary to me ! But I bet it's fun ! ;D

Enjoying the breeze of the ocean !

We bought this little darling for 500 Baht ! Waterproof darling ! Owhhh.. We need it ! ;) thanks for selling it on the cruise !

Almost there... Well, the journey from the pier took about an hour! ;)

We are going to canoe here ! Can you see that? Under the cave ! But first we go to the James Bond Island ! ;)

Well, our cruise cannot go to the James Bond Island itself ! Because it's big so we have to ride this little monster to get to the James Bond Island ! Very very long canoe thou which I have never seen !

Off we go ! Sightseeing here for 45 minute I guess ! More than enough ! Nothing to do here ! And yup ! I actually won't recommend any of you to come here ! Because it's nothing ! Basically ! Just that one little urghhhhhh I donno ! I think it's a waste to come here ! But well, experience ! :)

We came here for this little thing ! Urghhhh ! I should go to Tachai Island ! A lot better ! I think ! :/

WoWwwww ! My husband look like a model ! Soooo delichhhh ! Hahahah

There's our cruise ! ;)

It's time for lunch ! Owhh.. Yup, as usual, we bought a package with lunch ! Can you imagine ! Lunch on the cruise while cruising? It's heaven !! Love the memory ! And ! This Thai buffet lunch is HALAL ! They had chicken drumstick, tempura vege and prawn, ikan tiga rasa, and Tom yam soup ! It's all delicious ! Damn I'm hungry ! :/

Not halal drinks ! Hahaha.. They have water, coke and beer ! ;) but beer is chargeable !

All lining up to take the food ! I'm impressed ! Haha..

I'll continue on the other entry for canoeing ! ;) see yah ! Xx

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