Thursday, April 18, 2013

Similan Island No 7

Let's check it out the very last island for this trip !

They said this rock look's like Donald Duck, but I think it also look like a shoe ! Hikhik

And they said this rock happen to stick like this after the Tsunami ! It doesn't collapse ! Hmmm.. :/

I'm just sooooo happy that hubby chose to come here ! This trip ! It was awesome !

Seriously, this fish is everywhere ! And they all love taking picture ! LOL..

We straight away go for snorkeling ! See that? A lot of fish ! And they are big ! And I'm scared ! I tot they might eat me like piranha ! LOL..

Aikk ??!$& LOL

He's soooo happy ! My happy man ! ;D

We're on our way to the sail rock !

It's really demn beautiful from up here !

Our guide's name is Music and her man ! ;)

I took this picture from the boat ! And see how clear the water is until can see that fish ! Very beautiful island ! MUST go !

Bye Similan ! It was awesome !

Thank you Music for your excellent guide ! Hope to see you again for Tachai Island Trip ! One day ! ;)

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