Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Similan Island Trip

This is Similan Island No 4 & 5.. ;)

They call this "small Beach" and we all gonna have lunch here ! But before that we gonna go check out the other beach on the other side of the island and they call it "Big Beach" or "Princess Beach".


On our way to the "Big Beach"

For your info, you guys can also take the package with a stay on this island ! 1 night or 2 night, and this is the accommodation ! :)

And when I saw this.. OMAIGAD ! Paradise !! Sooooo beautiful ! And worth the money ! Clean and crystal clear water ! Yup ! This trip quite expensive and I'm pretty sure lots of people don't know bout this beautiful island ! And now I recommend to everybody who read my blog ! If you guys wanna go to Phuket ! Please go and check it out yourself ! You will love it ! It's a turn-on ! :D

And this fish... there's a lot by the beach ! Hikhik

Back to the "small beach" for lunch

Very delicious lunch ! Satisfied !!

Her and him ! We were here !! ;D

After lunch we headed straight to Similan Island No 7 ! For snorkeling again ! ;)

But I'll post in another entry ! Wait noh ;b

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