Sunday, October 19, 2014

3D2N Krabi

Hi guys, i was actually planning to go to Bali for our 2nd honeymoon, but something went wrong, we were suppose to go on 20th Feb but we couldn't because husband suddenly got a call from the owner asking him to come back to KL to work... then we postponed to May or June but something came up then postponed to August then came out the news about the flight, then husband got a little traumatised with flying.  So we decided to go back to Phuket because we can drive there, it's an 11-hours drive straight, but of course we decided to make a stop over, so, that's when we decided to go to Krabi ! Since we both haven't been there and since people talk about it so much, so, why not we go and check it out.

We left KL around 8pm and drove all the way to Penang for a night stop. As usual we stay at Vistana Penang, this time we got a suite room which is so nice and big ! Heee. We started our journey to Krabi around 9am after a quick breakfast at the hotel. Husband chose to use Bukit Kayu Hitam to enter Thailand, which is where we will enter through Danok. We first bought insurance (for the car) at CTC Bukit Kayu Hitam then straight away drove to immigration. Husband did lot of research about how to go through immigration and apparently he found a lot of bloggers telling that "don't forget to put RM1 in your passport" to make it fast, and guess what? we did it ! even though we hesitate but we did it anyway. haha.. and it worked really well. thanks bloggers !! ngeeee :D

Night stop at Vistana Penang Bukit Jambul

As soon as we got through immigration we stop by at Danok to buy a sim card. Then continued about 4 hours journey to Krabi. We arrived at Krabi around 4pm (Thai time) and straight away checked-in to Mercure Krabi Deevana Hotel. Thanks to the Waze GPS which make our journey so smooth and steady ! lol.. 

this is our honeymoon room for 3D2N in Krabi

Thanks hubby for the picture ;)

After seeing our room we straight away headed to Ao Nang town for a late lunch and early dinner. lol. We also booked our 4-islands trip here at one of the booth beside the Jewellery store. We took the 'by speedboat' option which cost us 800 Baht per person including pick up transfer from our Hotel, lunch by the beach, fresh fruit and soft drinks on the boat. But, so far i don't really like Krabi though because obviously Ao Nang is like Phuket only smaller and their beaches are dirty to me, u can't swim at any of their beaches. it's not dirty with the rubbish but their sand just muddy, really not suitable for swimming.

Sunset at Ao Nang Beach

The Lobby

1st night in Krabi

They picked us up at around 8am by a very old school bus. haha. lots of other guest from other hotels also look so weird with the transport but we all survive just fine. lol. actualy from our hotel to the Ao Nang beach where our boat ride is very near by about 5min driving, so not a big deal with the old school bus, as long as not an old school boat ! heheee. Well, as usual as we arrive there the tour guide separated us all into groups, us in the 4 islands group, some in the phi-phi group and bla..bla..bla..

this is how the bus look like ;)


The journey to 4-islands is about 15min from Ao nang beach. First stop is Phra Nang Cave which is a place where people pray for fertility. we were there for about 45min then off to Chicken Island for snorkelling for about 40min then we went for lunch by the beach for 50min then we headed to Tup Island waiting for the low tide because we can then actually walk from island to island. After 50min we headed to the last stop which is Poda Island, we were all so tired by then, so most of us rented the beach chair and mat for a quick nap. after 50min we all heading back to the mainland, but because of the low tide they send us to one of the pier near Noppharat Thara beach which is take us 10 to 15min bus ride to our hotels.

our boat ride

Phra Nang Cave

Chicken Island where we had snorkelling

Our lunch

Chicken Island over looking Tup Island

Tup Island

Heading back to the mainland

As soon as we arrived at our hotel i straight away headed to the pool. it's our last day in Krabi ! we were gonna continue our journey to Phuket tomorrow !! after spending an hour in the pool we got ready for dinner, tonight is special because tonight is my BIRTHDAY ! so, hubby treated me to a very nice restaurant in Ao Nang town ! sooo, that's that for our 3D2N Krabi honeymoon ! will continue with our Phuket trip later. 

Heaving fun at the pool

Birthday Dinner

p/s : the Vistana Penang, Mercure Krabi room and Tup island beach view pictures were taken from  Google, because i'm too lazy and forgot to take the pictures. so, i just put them here to give u an idea on how it looks like. cheers.

Good night xx

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