Monday, October 27, 2014

Phuket Day 4

Prem took us on a tour around Anantara Phuket today. He just started working there for 6 months. So, after breakfast we met him at Turtle Village which located right in front of the resort. Before we went to the resort, he brought us around Turtle Village where it's more like a mini shopping complex for the guests who staying in Mai Khao to shop or to eat other than in the resorts.

The resort is beautiful and serene. For those who like village kinda concept must love this place, i however born in the village so i really into modern type, because whenever i need the "village" kinda moment i can always go back to my hometown ! lol  

Farewell Prem.. see you again soon !

And then we went back to our resort and had our massage by the beach then spent some quality time by the pool and in the evening we went out for dinner then headed to Central Festival Mall since Prem and wife said that it is the best mall in Phuket so we thought we should pay a visit, then BAMM ! it is the best mall ! lol.. then we came back to the resort and spent some time at their Lounge while enjoying the view for the last time because tomorrow we're leaving to Hat Yai. 

Dinner at the Floating Restaurant.

Liem Hin Restaurant

All spicy ! we also ordered Tom Yum Kung which is also spicy !

Enjoying our last night at the Lobby

So that's basically it. till then XX

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