Saturday, October 18, 2014


Hi guys.. I know.. I know.. It's been like what, 1 year almost 2 years now ! I haven't been writing anything?! Heeeee.. aside from being lazy ! Hahaaaa.. I've also been thinking this past 2 years about doing something different.. Like, I wanna do something I like doing, for example like make up, fashion and travel.. So, I think I wanna focus on that rather than sharing with u guys my daily routine which I know u guys don't give a F*** about that right?!! Hahaaa.. So, yup.. From now on, I will be "trying hard" to regularly post something on my blog for ME.. Teheeeee.. For US ! Or "for whoever may concern ! Alright ! "Bear with me guys" :p

Okay, u guys still remember I said I wanted to wear braces? YUP !! I'm wearing them for 6 months already! Yeayyyy ! And u guys remembered how insanely I wanna take picture with the tiger's grandfather? YUP ! I did that too !! I've been to Phuket again for our 2nd honeymoon, anniversary, also my birthday trip ! Lol.. So, I asked my husband to take me to the Tiger Kingdom for me to take lots and lots of picture with the Tigers ! And he did take me there, u know u can choose the Tiger's size which one u brave enough to be in the cage with them.. Heheeee.. Of course I chose the biggest one ! Better die trying rather than die wondering right? Phuiii.. Hahahaa

Sooo, what else to update u guys ! Hmmmmm... Let's see..... Owh.. I wanna do this youtube thingy ! Makeup tutorial whatever ! But still wondering which camcorder should I buy and where to get good lighting and bla..bla..bla... So, it may take some time.. Bluehhh ! P/s *i'm not really good at makeup though but I love makeup and people say practice makes perfect ! Heeeeee.. Sooo ! Please give me your support ! I need it a lot ! Thank you uols ! Owkay then ! Think that's it for now.. See if I got extra energy to up something tomorrow ! teheeeee :D

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