Saturday, October 25, 2014

Phuket Day 3

Well, never missed my breakfast on my holiday ! haha.. Then we spent some time swimming at the pool before heading to Patong, we needed to pick up hubby's tailored shirts then do a little shopping at Phuket Premium Outlet, Hooters and Hard Rock Café then off to Tiger Kingdom.

Breakfast is very important guys. lol

 The view is to die for !

Having a good time

Hooters girl babeh ! ;p

Hard Rock girl babeh ! lol

We arrived at Tiger Kingdom at around 4pm, the place closes at 6pm so, we had about a couple of hours left to spend there. First the promoter asked me to choose which size of tiger i wanted to take pictures with, so i chose the biggest which was 18 months old and he's sooooo big ! no kidding ! it was scary but we survived ! lol.. and she also asked me to take the professional photographer which cost us 500 Baht + Big Tiger 800 Baht per person. But the professional photographer is optional just she prefer me to take it, so, i took it. ;)

We had a quick bite at their restaurant before going in the cage. Meanwhile we both checked out how other people doing in the cage. So, in the cage had about 5 big tigers all together and 1 look kinda scary with his behaviour. But we made it safely ! thank GOD ! It's very scary to look but not so scary when u're in the cage with them but still u got the nerve a little ! especially when they gave u eye contact ! perghhhh.. scary as hell ! but well, i did it ! and absolutely not again ! lol

Dream do come true !! ;D

He's sleeping ;p

And my husband wakes him up ! lol

This two quite scary !

What an experience ! 

So, some people been sharing around the thought about the tiger should not be in the cage, they belong in the jungle.. bla..bla..bla.. whatsoever. Well, u not wrong but this is my thought, yes, the habitat is belong in the jungle but they not "really" safe there either. Some irresponsible people hunt them and kill them for their skin, their teeth and GOD knows what else they take and sell. So, from my point of view from the positive side, they at least keep the tiger for our children and grandchildren, our future for them to get to know what a tiger is, how the tiger's looks like. Plus the tiger there look more healthier than the tiger in the zoo ! But of course, other people have different opinion about this and i totally respect that. 

Well, after spending some quality time with the tigers we headed to Patong Beach and hangout with hubby's long lost friend, catch up for awhile over dinner before we head back to our hotel and catch a good night's sleep.

Prem and Family ;)

Good nite now, see u in two days ;p

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