Thursday, October 23, 2014

Phuket Day 2

Hey fellas, it's second day already ! so, today we are going to Maiton Island trip. As usual our pick up's at 7am then we went to pick up other guests all over Phuket ! First we went to Paresa Resort then off to Kalima Resort & Spa then to Royal Phuket City, for about 2 hours in the van we finally arrived at Phuket Pier ready to board our speedboat and depart for Maiton Island.


On my way to the room

The journey from the pier to Maiton Island is about 15mins boat ride and the wave that time was so big ! yup ! so bumpy but i enjoyed it ! but because of the big wave and dangerous undercurrent so we are not allowed to go for snorkelling nor swimming at that time. We were basically asked to sit for awhile while waiting for the sea to be a little bit calm, at an abandoned restaurant which they made as their port for their guests to hangout. This is my second time travelling with Love Andaman and i'm very satisfied with their services! i really recommend to u guys who happen to go to Phuket for a holiday and dunno which tour operator to go for an island trip ! They're the ones whom u want to go with ! trust me ! they're quite expensive though but it's worth every penny ! but they only go to a few nice Islands such as Maiton Island, TaChai Island, Surin Island and Similan Island. This is best of the best Island u should not miss !

Our speedboat and tour guide

 Boat ride

I've been to Similan Island before as u can see in my previous Phuket trip last year. So, my original plan was i'm supposed to go for Tachai Island this year but they only open for Tachai trip every year on 15th October to 15th May only. So, not my luck this year it seems. So, i chose Maiton instead. Maiton Island is a small private island resort basically for honeymooners and the island itself has very nice blue sea with nice coral. 

Maiton Island Jetty

After enjoying the sea breeze for awhile the tour guide take us all up to the view point where we can see the whole Phuket from up there. After taking several pictures we hiked down the hill and straight away headed to the speedboat and get ready for snorkelling. After about an hour we all swim back to the shore and had lunch before we leave back to our hotel and get ready for dinner.

Sight-seeing around the island


We all ready to jump !

Undercurrent still quite strong 

Happy snorkelling

Drinks and desserts counter

Salad, Main dish and fruits counter


Enjoying the view

Arghhhhh.. the smell of the ocean..

Byebye Maiton Island

Well another 2hours van ride after sending all the other guests to their hotels we finally arrived to our hotel safe and sound ! but i kinda get car sick ! but what to do, i chose to stay at the very far resort ! serve me right?! pfft* i headed to the pool straight and ordered our dinner by the pool while i having a night swim. i actually kinda feel like what a waste paying for quite an expensive resort but i'm out all the time. So, i need to enjoy their facilities as much as i could ! right? lol

Night swim with the 'Carsick' and grumpy face of mine ! lol

So, that's my second day basically ! we are going to Tiger Kingdom on our 3rd Day. Will share in 2 days time. love love XX

P/s : u guys can contact the tour operator through their website here

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